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Employment at George Junior Republic  

With a staff of over 600 dedicated individuals, George Junior Republic is one of Mercer County’s largest employers. George Junior Republic is an equal opportunity employer, and seeks to employ highly qualified individuals.

In order to ensure the safety of students and staff, all direct-care staff at George Junior Republic receive over 80 hours of training prior to working with youth. Employees are evaluated on an ongoing basis with supplemental training provided as needed.

George Junior Republic strives to be the social service employer of choice. Through the implementation of an outstanding benefits program, including a generous tuition reimbursement plan, and the establishment of partnershipswith local colleges and universities, George Junior Republic has been able toattract and retain capable people who believe in George Junior Republic’smission, and want to serve disadvantaged children. The investment in employees’ educationhas helped to create an environment which fosters personal and professionalgrowth.

Truly, it is the dedication and hard work of our employees that allows George Junior Republic to be recognized nationally among judges, probation officers, and placing agencies, as a premier residential treatment facility.

To inquire about career opportunities please contact:

Human Resources Director - (724) 458-9330, ext 2121

Human Resources Assistant - (724) 458-9330, ext 2120

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George Junior Republic P.O. Box 1058, Grove City, PA 16127 - Phone 724-458-9330, Fax 724-458-8401
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