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George Junior Republic’s uniqueness centers on its ability to offer a diverse and comprehensive continuum of treatment, specifically designed to meet the individual needs of every child entrusted to our care. Long ago, George Junior Republic realized that not all children could be rehabilitated by implementing a single strategy. These children and their histories of moderate to severe emotional disturbances, delinquency, aggression, truancy, abuse, neglect, or other behaviors, all required different levels of care.
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George Junior Republic, through physical and programmatic enhancements, successfully met this challenge. Eight residential programs have been established and equipped to help each youth reach his full potential. This range of programming includes General Residential, 120 Day, Special Needs, Intensive Supervision Units, Diagnostic, Drug and Alcohol, Community Based Homes, and Shelter. The General Residential and Special Needs programs are RTF eligible.

Although a client’s living arrangements may differ, each child participates in daily scheduled activities, attends school, and is evaluated using the education/behavior modification system. The consistent implementation of the education/behavior modification system is the staple of George Junior Republic’s program. The five-step system, which rewards positive behaviors and corrects negative actions, provides a measurement of individual success. The three basic skills relative to this system are following instructions, dealing with constructive criticism, and accepting “no” for an answer. This system is used to empower students with discipline, structure, and valuable social skills. The mastery of these skills allows a child to realize programmatic success and a positive discharge.

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